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What is instagram downloader and how its going in trend ?

Instagram downloader is a web application that is free to use. So using our free Instagram downloader tool you can download any public/private Instagram photos, Instagram videos, IGTV videos, profile pictures & Instagram stories directly to your device (iPhone, Android, Pc or Mac).

Instagram is used by around more than 1 billion people, Due to the increasing popularity of Instagram, a large number of Instagram Downloader have been launched & Social Download Manager is one of the best download for Instagram.

Instagram Downloader Tools

Instagram video downloader

Looking to Download Instagram Videos in HD quality. You are at right place. Saving videos from Instagram become so easy. This Insta video downloader will become your best choice.

Instagram photo downloader

Instagram Photo Downloader is one of the best services that saves any Instagram picture to any device. By using Profile Picture Downloader, you can download your required pictures to any device whether PC, Android, or iPhone.

Instagram story downloader

Instagram Story Downloader is another great service specially designed to provide you three services such as, save IG Stories, instagram stories viewer and Reuse them. You can use this app irrespective of your operating system.

Search Instagram users profiles

You can now search Instagram Users Profile by just entering your search word/name in the search bar present at the top. We get you as much as profiles so you will found the desired user profile with our search. You need to search for people by their names or usernames.

Insta Stalker

Instastalker helps you search for the stories, tags, locations, or posts of any Instagram user. It tends to serve as a web viewer to show the most trending and popular Instagram posts. Use our instagram stalker to Stalking over someone’s Instagram account without their knowing.


How To Download Instagram Photos or Videos from Instagram Website?

  • Go to Instagram website.
  • Open the Image or Video that you want to download.
  • Copy the URL of that Image or Video.
  • Paste in the above Input.
  • Click on Download Button.

You Can Download Instagram Photos or Videos From Mobile Phones?


This web application has built in the best Instagram photo downloader, Instrgram video downloader and Instagram slidshow downloader. Moreover, it also has the functionality of Instagram hashtags downloader and Instagram private profile downloader..

  • Go to Instagram Mobile app (Android / IOS ).
  • Open the Image or Video that you want to download.
  • Copy the URL of that Image or Video.
  • Paste in the above Input.
  • Click on Download Button.

How to use Instagram downloader online?

You need not worry about how to use Instagram downloader online because it is very simple and easy to use. You just need to copy the URL of your desired image or video and paste that into the address bar and click download. Also, if you want to download an Instagram story, you need to copy the username and paste it into the address bar and click the download option.

Does Instagram downloader chrome work?

Instagram downloader for Chrome happens to be a Chrome extension that lets you browse and download your wished Instagram search, right from your desktop Web browser. And yes, Instagram downloader chrome really works and enables you to download any Instagram photo or video to any gadget. You just need to download it to your gadget, sign into it and enable sync to work perfectly.

What is an Instagram profile picture downloader?

Instagram profile picture downloader is a free tool to be used online and thus helps you download Instagram stuff or data by using the username of that account. You can also view the DPs of any public account on Instagram. Besides, the service helps you zoom in on any Insta profile picture of only public accounts.

Does Instagram downloader for windows work?

Instagram downloader is a free app that enables you to download different Instagram avatar not only from Smartphones or Tablets but also from the Windows Store. The service was officially available for Androids and iOS but now you can also use it from your Windows 10. It helps you see the latest photos and receive notifications on your system.